Intel USB 3.0 Driver Install BSOD Windows 7

Do you have a Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF desktop computer?  Is it running windows 7 and Blue Screens when trying to install USB 3.0 drivers?  Like you I ran into this issue, tried every driver dell offered.  Tried the driver Intel has on their web site and even tried a driver or two from HP.  All of them caused my computer to blue screen when installing.  I did notice the install failed on the USB 3.0 Root Hub driver installation.  This caused the driver under USB in Device Manager to display an Unknown Device for its title.  If you look up the hardware ID on google you will see it is the Root Hub I mentioned earlier

.  After a couple hours of researching, downloading, testing and trying different ideas without success, I decided to try something else.  Knowing the first driver for the USB 3.0 device installed properly I tried to manually install the root hub.  This lead to many BSOD and multiple reboots.  Seeing all of the drivers I downloaded had the same version I set out to look for a driver with a different version.  The driver version that failed for me was  I eventually found a driver on lenovo's web site with a version of and decided to download it.  Why not, I have already blue screened my computer a 100 times, whats a few more.  While keeping all of the parts of the driver that installed successfully from the intel driver, version, I proceeded to manually update the root hub labeled Unknown Device using the drivers from the lenovo package, version  To my udder surprise the driver installed with out a hiccup.  Tested all of my USB 3.0 ports and they worked without a problem.  I am not a fan of mixing driver versions, so I would suggest trying to install the lenovo drivers in their entirety first.  If that fails then fall back to the mix and matching.  Keep in mind these drivers will not install using the setup.exe file so you will have to manually install the drivers.  First you will need to run the exe file to expand the compressed file.  Once this is done the install will fail.  This is OK because the files have been decompressed in a folder on your main drive.  From here open the device manager, right click the Unknown Device under USB, and select Update Driver.  From here follow the on-screen instructions and provide the path to the driver files you just decompressed.  If all goes well you should now have working USB ports in Windows 7.