Current application in development is an inventory application aptly named Inventory Cultivation, IC for short.  IC is an inventory management application as the name suggests, used for keeping track of all your products.  IC has many features for tracking, locating and maintaining your inventory with an emphasis for online stores.  IC is currently in the Beta stage of development.  This means there are likely bugs and other issues with the app consistent with the Beta label.  See below for screenshots of the application interface and features.

Current version: V0.23.107


  • Windows 10 64 bit (May work on older versions of windows but has not been tested)
  • Maria Database (Has not recently been tested with MySQL Database so it may or may not work with official MySQL)


Inventory Cultivation is provided free of charge.  By clicking and downloading the following link you acknowledge you are downloading an application still in development, the app will have bugs and other issues.  You also agree not to hold Inventory Cultivation or the developer of this application liable for any damages that may occur from the use of Inventory Cultivation.

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